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Only in South Africa is coming back to its roots, an opinionated blog about everything with pretty pictures.

Soon we will be adding some good travel information for tourists wanting to come to South Africa that Geraldine and I will try to keep updated.

The blog also has a section about my struggles and successes with my disability called On Chronic Pain.

This site is in full development and will grow over the next few months as we add more content and content types.

If you are looking for Covid-19 information in South Africa, please go here.

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World with a mask
Pascal Parent

Post Covid-19, primer

We are all tired of this virus, and we are only at the beginning of this crisis, don’t fool yourselves. But I am not writing

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Doing That
Pascal Parent

Keeping busy

In March of 2017, I was put on temporary disability, my understanding was that working at the time would worsen my already precarious situation. A

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