Organized Groups

It was with a heavy heart that we decided to pull the plug on PhilGuides Southern Africa, it was a passion project and circumstances beyond our control made it impossible to continue. We saved all the information and carried it here. Geraldine and Pascal will try to keep it up to date and add more information as time goes by, you may even find a tour or two in the future.

Whether you are part of a traditional guided tour or a FIT (Free Independent Tourist), arriving in a foreign country can be overwhelming. Here are some of the procedures you should follow even though some of these are specific to South Africa, these are applicable worldwide.

On your arrival

You should be greeted by a local tour guide at your designated airport and then guided through South Africa (if part of a group). They should be holding a board with either your name or group name, look out for them as you exit into the arrival terminal – be aware you could face an avalanche of signage.

If it is only a meet-and-greet, a representative of the local travel agency will often greet you. The tourist guide does not have to be registered; although we advise that you take all their detail should you need it later.

Should you not find your guide, contact the local emergency number you should have received when booking to find out more.

About tourist guides

For your safety and insurance purposes, your tour guide should be holding an ID card complete with a registration number. The South African law requires a registered tourist guide lead an organised tour.

Get your tourist guide to confirm that their tour program matches with yours; this could avoid issues later in the tour.

Appoint someone to confirm that you have a bone-fide tourist guide. Perhaps your tour leader could perform this role.

The registered tourist guide will always prioritise your well-being and needs. We recommend that you follow their lead at all times, it will make your journey more pleasant, stress-free and secure.

About the bus and driver

Should you be travelling by bus, minibus or car, the driver requires a valid public drivers permit; this is important for insurance purposes and your safety. Please take a copy of the driver’s driving permit if possible.

The vehicle requires a disk to show that it’s permitted to carry passengers and it should be displayed on its windshield next to its on-road license.