Transport System

It was with a heavy heart that we decided to pull the plug on PhilGuides Southern Africa, it was a passion project and circumstances beyond our control made it impossible to continue. We saved all the information and carried it here. Geraldine and Pascal will try to keep it up to date and add more information as time goes by, you may even find a tour or two in the future.

Short distances

South Africa’s road infrastructure is in a fair state of usability, but its public transport system is unreliable.

Though major cities have regular municipal buses, these may not be the most viable, cheapest or safest way to travel. There are various private taxi companies in South Africa. However, this may be the most expensive option. Your hotel concierge will be able to direct you to a reliable taxi company. Most major hotels in large cities have shuttles to-and-from points of interest, often to the local airports and shopping centres. If that is all you need to ask the concierge, they are sometimes free.

Often Taxify or Uber may be your best option.

Communal Taxis

South Africa has a large informal public transport system commonly called a Taxi. These are taxies used by all communities and run defined routes as a bus would. It is not advised that you use them.

Long distances

For inter-city travel, you have the choice of buses, trains or aeroplanes.

Buses are slow but relatively cheap. Greyhound and Intercity Xpress are two of the reputable operators and cover large parts of the country.

Scheduled trains run between the major cities, but schedules are unreliable. Unless it is a luxury train such as the Blue Train or Rovos Rail, it is advised to avoid such travel methods. The private trains are expensive.

As far as air travel goes, South Africa and Southern Africa are well covered and offer a wide choice of operators. This is ideal to travel reliably, safely and fast.

Here is a list of popular IATA registered airlines: 

The information on airlines was accurate before COVID-19 (February 2020)
We will update as we find out whether or not these airlines will fly again.

Book all your air travel before arriving in South Africa. Some of our local airlines also have chauffeur services at a reduced cost if you book it with your ticket.