About Pascal Parent

About Pascal Parent

Hi and welcome to our site,

Once a lifetime or two ago, I started a blog called “The ASP.NET Guy” and wrote a lot about Microsoft Web Development with ASP.NET; this was over 15 years ago.

I acquired the  “Only in South Africa dot com” domain as a joke, but I became known for my photography and gone were my days of talking about software development though that is what I did behind the scenes. I even started to write camera and lens reviews, but then my career took over all my time, and I disappeared completely.

I went back to study too and qualified as both a Project Manager and a Business Analyst to grow in my chosen career as an I.T. and Business Architect.

During that time, I tried my hands at a few other blogs after shutting down “Only in South Africa”, “The Rude Frenchman”, “Pascal Parent Photography”, “Pascal Parent (.xyz)” and “Always in Pain” were a few of these. I also tried to create an online business “PhilGuide Southern Africa”, but that never bore any fruits then Covid-19 put the last nail in its coffin, you can find parts of the content we developed in our Travel Section.

Then life cut my career as an Enterprise Solutions Architect short. I was hit by a severe neurological event that changed my life in late 2016 and I was put on permanent disability in 2019. You can find out more in my ever-growing On Chronic Pain section.

Early in 2020, I started to work on a layout for a new shiny blog. At the time all I had was a concept and an emoji of wandering lion to inspire me, he became the site’s pet logo. In April 2020, I decided to pull the trigger and killed most of my remaining sites. Two are left and they both will remain active, Pascal’s Bricks is my LEGO-related site and TechMages is my business site.

I am also involved with several other projects, but I had no creative outlet. Thus, I resurrected this blog.

I also want to resurrect a few traditions, so watch this space and my Facebook page.

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