Tired of that

There are days and this is one of them

I strongly suspect, people who do not know either chronic pain or disability rarely understand the difficulties of living with either, nor should they, and


A new epoch for humanity

After a rather lengthy discussion on Facebook regarding one of my comments, I thought I’d start talking of the new epoch. For reference, this is

Doing That

A birthday message

I landed on this planet that I call home 438 792 hours ago (thanks for that calculation Google), at about 0:10 on the 28 of

Working from home

The future of work and employment

In my previous post, I outlined many of the problems we will be facing as we progress through this crisis and the likelihood of any


A new normal is coming

I keep hearing that things will return to normal in so many months and that x or y countries economy is restarting, do not be

World with a mask

Post Covid-19, primer

We are all tired of this virus, and we are only at the beginning of this crisis, don’t fool yourselves. But I am not writing

Doing That

Keeping busy

In March of 2017, I was put on temporary disability, my understanding was that working at the time would worsen my already precarious situation. A

Been there

The effect of constant pain

The effect of constant pain is hard to explain to those that have never experienced it without hope of it ever stopping. How I envy

Been there

Round two

You can find the beginning of this saga in my post called The beginning of my journey of pain and Back to Work. Sometimes during

Tried That

Back to work

You can find the beginning of this saga in my previous post. For the next couple of months after my first round, I got better.