A new epoch for humanity

A new epoch for humanity

Disclaimer: I am no expert, and everything I write is a common-sense possibility of what a positive future may look like based on a lot of reading by historians, scientists, medical specialists, economists, etc.

These posts are nothing more than fiction, science fiction or futurism at this point and there will be some creative licence and plot holes and if you want to engage constructively with me on these, feel free to use the comments section below.

In this series, I will be giving you an optimistic view of what could happen, and also what I hope will happen.

A lot of this stems from the world-building I did for a novel I started writing.

After a rather lengthy discussion on Facebook regarding one of my comments, I thought I’d start talking of the new epoch.

For reference, this is my post:

Before I continue, I need to be very clear that every concept beyond this point is based on two principles. One, the current and all past social systems are stories we tell ourselves to maintain order and thus can be and often should be changed. Two, humanity’s survival and prosperity is more important than the individual. However, the individual has fundamental rights that are immutable and therefore can not be violated under any circumstances except one, but I will discuss that in later posts when I de describe a new justice system.

The future of humanity is a complex issue than can be divided into a few components:

  • Social which includes race, ethnic group, sexuality and gender identity groups, religious groups and much more.
  • Economic, the money and employment factors, the things that make the world turn since the dawn of time.
  • Political, the relations between groups of people, and it is understood that an individual may be part of more than one group.
  • Scientific, any empirical data leading to a conclusion or theories.
  • Historical, what happened in the past. Though that can be blurred at times, as it has missing empirical data because history gets re-written regularly. History gets modified, more often than not, to suit the story that will benefit specific groups, but it is still worth its weight in knowledge.

Each of these components, and some I am sure I forget, are interlinked to such an extent that changing one has a ripple effect on all of them. Achieving a balance across all components is not something I can even dream of, nevermind achieve, but let us try to create a fair system.

Where should we begin forming a new way of doing things? By looking at the big picture and drilling down. There will always be cracks in any system, that is unavoidable. First, let us be honest, no modern socio-political system work as of today, Covid-19 is clearly showing us that our leaders and political system are unsuited to our future. Even worse, our current economy is completely unable to handle any large scale global catastrophe, whether it is a virus or climate change.

So where do we go from here?

In short, we need a new operating system and reboot, one that works on the premise that it can and must be adjusted regularly to suit the current global or regional situation but has a strong enough foundation to carry us through any catastrophes but lean enough to accommodate different groups.

We can no longer rely on the old systems; if Covid-19 is teaching us anything, it is that we need to be more humanitarian in our social systems and that we are a truly global species. Boundaries are no longer the limit of our problems. What happens in one country or region can have massive impacts in a little town lost in the middle of a desert on the other side of the planet or at a global scale.

Things that would help, I will discuss many of these in further posts, but we need to start somewhere with a list, this is mine.

  • A single global governing entity for planetary concerns.
  • Abolish all currencies in favour of a global currency, for argument sake’s I’ll call it the “Mondial” though the name is irrelevant.
  • Institute a minimum guaranteed human rights in the form of minimum rights to food, shelter, education, health and more.
  • Institute a new human rights system that is fully inclusive and takes care of the above but also the planet and various natural habitats and other species on our planet.
  • A freedom charter that makes sense in a single global economy as well as protecting minorities.
  • A global non-violence charter to avoid wars and incentivise global co-operation.
  • A global climate charter to slow down and even reverse climate change.
  • Disbanding nations as there are today in favour of smaller semi-independent regions that are socially and ethnically viable.
  • The creation of a non-political global governing system.

Now I am not saying that everything here is doable in the coming decades or that these are the only solutions, but we need to start somewhere let us start with this list which may change, grow or shrink.

A single global governing entity

I can already hear the pitchforks and screams of the populace! How about you read further before you judge?

What do I mean by a global governing entity? Firstly, it has to be neutral and would have limited powers. These powers would be related to anything that would affect humankind or earth. Oh and not anything like the United Nations, a toothless organisation crippled by politics.

Any issues that relate to climate change, natural habitats, a virus outbreak, a regional discord, distribution of essential goods or a meteorite aimed at earth, would be covered under the global governing entity. There are probably more instances where it could intervene, but you get the just of it.

This governing body as all future governing bodies except for what I call the social leadership, which I will discuss in a separate post, would be made of a combination of technocrats, practising scientists and central artificial intelligence.  And here comes the pitchforks again!!!

The AI would do all the coordination and recommend distribution of goods and skills globally. The technocrats would, in turn, review this and add their inputs and finally the science community would add their vote. This would be on a case by case basis, and this triumvirate would hopefully avoid a global dictatorship. Though the AI would be involved in every aspect of the governing this would not be the case for the human part, these would be expert workgroups that are created for the purpose of resolving and issue and dissolved as soon a consensus is achieved. The consensus is a majority vote by the ai and its workgroup, that would mean the workgroup might override the AI’s recommendations in favour of a different solution or agree with the AI. The AI would also eliminate the bureaucracy, this would allow for a global vote on an issue being posed to the entire population with the majority vote at over 50%, though I think a majority vote at a global level would need to be higher than 50.x %.

The AI would have subordinate specialised AIs of its own, these being regional, sub-regional, state and provincial but also covering social groups. Its directive is administrative, not decision making, again special interest groups of experts would be created and disbanded as the need arises.

This system would easily allow for regional states to have specific laws that apply to their needs. These could be vetted by special interest groups of experts. Now, there is the question of how those experts are chosen, I have a vague idea but more on that later.

An important power that the single global governing entity would have is the ability to enforce resolutions, how it would do that is a bit of a mystery to me at this time, as I said I have ideas but certainly not all the answers. So here is a plot hole that needs to be plugged.

A system as proposed here would also void the need for various currencies as these would become useless and the driving force would shift to something different.

But that is is for another post and for me, a couple of sleepless nights as I develop these ideas.

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