Let’s talk about Ukraine

Let’s talk about Ukraine

Before we talk about Ukraine, know that I am not nor do I claim to be an expert in international affairs nor am I an historian, this post is my understanding based on what I see and what is reported through the various medias available to me.

Second, I stand with the Ukrainian people in spirit because that is all I can do. I’d much rather live in a Ukrainian “Nazi” regime ruled by Volodymyr Zelenskyy then the “peace maker” Vladimir Putin on any given day.

Third, I will not try to explain why this war exists, I’ll just say that Putin as clearly stated that Ukraine is part of the “Motherland”, I think that is enough explanation, there is more, much more to it but that is for the historians and economists to sort out and explain.

We are now in day 18 since this absurd stupidity begun, and I am probably as hangry as you are. There are some positives though, it is currently a conventional and misinformation war, not that the Ukrainian people care or should care about these things, they are getting slaughtered for no action of their own. To be honest, I thought we, humanity, were over this kind of action.

There has been various war and occupations of foreign territories by various countries in the last 30 years or so, notably Iraq and Afghanistan by the United States but none of these posed a very real existential crisis for humankind. No one is talking about it seriously, but the Ukrainian crisis poses a real threat of a nuclear holocaust, and this explains the NATO and European responses.

Admittedly, a no-fly zone over Ukraine would be helpful as it would seriously limit the Russian war apparatus, so would support in the form of boots on the ground. But what would have stopped this war before it began would have been acceptance of Ukraine in both NATO and the EU, so why was it not done? Would it not been in everyone’s benefits?

That is the question and to answer it is no easy task, we are all under the false impression that the invasion started at the end of February 2022, but it started 12 years earlier.

The invasion of Ukraine started in March 2014, the Russians declared war against Ukraine 8 years ago, every Ukrainian knows this as a given.

So why was no actions taken then? And why has both NATO and the EU been dragging its feet with the acceptance of Ukraine? Why would they not impose a no-fly zone and limit support to the borders of Ukraine?

Because, any of these actions would cause World War III and that poses very real existential crisis for humankind! That is why.

This is why a majority of the rest of the world has opted to sanction Russia, with sanctions that have serious ramifications. It also caused Vladimir Putin to declare that the sanctions are a declaration of war, that worries me.

So, both the EU and NATO have their hands tied and, in my opinion are doing right by humankind, and unfortunately the Ukrainian and to a degrees the Russian people are the losers. It is a tragedy of epic proportions, both the EU and NATO know that the threat of nuclear use by Russia is not posturing, it is very real. In case you did not know, Russia’s nuclear armada is considered to be the largest in the world.

This is MAD both in its insanity and in Mutually Assured Destruction.

This is why the EU and NATO are waiting to see how far Putin is willing to go, if he attacks an EU country, the NATO war machine will have no choice but to engage and WW3 will be a reality… Somehow, I don’t think we will escape it.

Think about it, a massive Russian force on one side of the border of the new Soviet Union and NATO forces on the other, all mere kilometers from one another, something will give.

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