A birthday message

A birthday message

I landed on this planet that I call home 438 792 hours ago (thanks for that calculation Google), at about 0:10 on the 28 of June 1970.

When I landed, humans had already set foot on the moon, mastered the atom and the world was a mess.

18 282 days later, humans have decoded their own genome, increased their Global average lifespan by 8 years and humanity is looking at colonizing another planet, Mars.
Oh, let me not forget that the world is still a mess.

Obviously, I am missing a lot of other great event from the fall of the Berlin Wall to Nelson Mandela becoming president. But what marked me most since I landed 50 years ago, is the constant improvement in the information technologies space. I am not impartial about it since I am and always will be a technologist but humanity has made technological breakthroughs that would be hard and maybe even impossible to imagine when I landed.

Think about it, in our pockets we carry computers more powerful than those used to go to the moon! And not by a small fraction but by numerous multiples.

We are able to communicate with anyone in the world with a few taps of a screen, share memories and thoughts instantly and even seamlessly cooperate on projects from one side of the planet to the other.

But we also lost a part of our humanity and good judgment as we get manipulated by big media and we have become slaves of consumerism and I am no exception. Our leadership is so disconnected from those they supposedly serve that I can’t call it leadership any more, it is more like dictatorship. Our world, our planet, our spaceship is being irreparably damaged for the foreseeable future and fixing it is barely on the agenda when at all.

People are destroying all remanence of history that should never repeated but mostly never forgotten, all the while being killed by invisible and relentless enemies from COVID-19 to obesity and many more.

Humans have become their own worst enemy, and even bordering on suicidal.

But there is hope!

Even though we live in dark times and the future looks bleak, I think humanity will find its way. Most of the writing I do on this blog is about finding a way to balance humanity’s thirst and saving starship earth. It is about hope and to you the reader, I hope it makes you think and triggers a spark in you that will drive you to improve the state of humanity or just impact, even if it is a small dent, your social circle. Remember that a lot of small dents can create a masterpiece!

I don’t have all the answers and if any and I am but a dreamer, so I will attempt to give a few as misguided as you may think they are, they are meant to make you think and create a conversation. Hopefully, conversations that will lead to better solutions.

Surprisingly, I am looking forward to the next 50 years, even though I am carrying the heavy burden of a painful and relentless disability, CRPS. I really want to see the next 50 years, I am exited about the prospect of what is to come. I think incredible and positive changes are a foot. I think we are at the dawn of a new epoch for humanity and starship earth.

So here is a cheer to the next 438 792 hours or 18 282 days or 50 years!

And don’t forget to support your local animal shelter, if there are owls, elephants or huskies all the better.

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