Organized Groups

Whether you are part of a traditional guided tour or a FIT (Free Independent Tourist), arriving in a foreign country can be overwhelming. Here are some of the procedures you should follow even though some of these are specific to South Africa, these are applicable worldwide. On your arrival You should be greeted by a […]

Car rental

While renting a car in South Africa is commonplace, and there are a lot reputable car rental agencies here are a few tips to simplify your life. Take the “complete cover” insurance, it may be a bit more expensive but it may save you in the long run Inform your travel agency if there are […]

Credit Cards

Visa and Master Cards are accepted throughout South Africa. However, Diners Club and American Express are accepted in selected places, and other Credit Cards such as Discover are not accepted. Not all cards are accepted in South Africa. Use either Visa or MasterCard to be safe. In preparation for your trip, inform your bank to […]


In South Africa, the official currency is the Rand sometimes denoted as R or ZAR, and carries the ISO 4217 code. The Rand is a legal tender and can be used for purchasing across borders like in Swaziland, Lesotho and Namibia. It is also unofficially accepted in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Angola though there aren’t any […]

Things to consider at the airport

Preparing to travel to any country can be a challenging affair. We have compiled a few tips and tricks for you so that you can enjoy your travels throughout Southern Africa, trouble-free. Clock You may have to adjust your watch as you arrive in South Africa, the time zone is GMT +2 also known as […]