Post Covid-19, primer

Post Covid-19, primer

Disclaimer: I am no expert, and everything I write is a common-sense possibility of what a positive future may look like based on a lot of reading by historians, scientists, medical specialists, economists, etc.

These posts are nothing more than fiction, science fiction or futurism at this point and there will be some creative licence and plot holes and if you want to engage constructively with me on these, feel free to use the comments section below.

In this series, I will be giving you an optimistic view of what could happen, and also what I hope will happen.

A lot of this stems from the world-building I did for a novel I started writing.

We are all tired of this virus, and we are only at the beginning of this crisis, don’t fool yourselves.

But I am not writing about the virus in this series, but rather what I think will follow whether or not we find a cure or a vaccine. Do not look for a conspiracy here, you will not find any, but in case you do…

First and foremost, anyone saying that this virus is human-made is either extraordinarily arrogant or a lunatic. Humanity is not that advanced or that intelligent, but here is a surprise, nature is. Covid-19 is so elegant and efficient at not being a systematic killer but rather a culling machine methodically thinning the heard. You have to admit that nature is relentless at finding new ways to balance itself.

This is not humanities first dance with mother nature’s creations either, here are some of the deadliest:

  • 6th century – The Bubonic Plague (Plague of Justinian) is estimated to have a death toll of 25 million in a world where there were but just 200 million humans.
  • 14th century – The Bubonic Plague (Black Death) is estimated to have a death toll between 75 and 200 million in a world with a population of about 450 million.
  • 20th century (1918-1920) – Influenza (Spanish Flu) with an estimated death toll between 20 and 50 million
  • 20th century (1956-1958) – Influenza (The Asian Flu) with an estimated death toll of 2 million.
  • 20th century (1968) – Influenza (The Hon Kong Flu) killed over 1 million people which included 15% of the Hong Kong population at the time.
  • 20th century (2009-2010) – Influenza (The Swine Flu) with a death toll of between 151 000 and 575 000 according to the USA’s CDC, thankfully eradicated.
  • 20th century (1981 to today) – HIV/AIDS with an estimated death toll rising well above 36 million and far from eradicated.

Interesting fact, did you know that the Spanish Conquistadors won the war for the Americas with a few pandemics? It was the largest biological war ever fought and also known as the American Plagues, the Incas were basically wiped off the planet in the 16th century as they had no immunity against most common European diseases.

Just to mention a few of the notorious ones, now tell me again how some laboratory created this virus? Did they create Smallpox, Influenzas and Bubonic Plague too?

The human race also forgets a significant factor regarding this and any other pandemics; we are Homo Sapien and to borrow from Yuval Noah Harari’s must-read book, not Homo Deus (Gods), a mammal and part of the animal kingdom and thus not immune to disease.

I could add to these statements, but if you are still reading this post, you are open-minded enough to read the rest of my series on the future of humanity as I see it.

To close off, I would also like to say that I sympathise with all of the victims, victim’s families, friends and co-workers.
I also admire the selfishness and dedication of the people on the front line, I  am not going to list them, I think we all know who they are by now.

From here, I will be separating myself from humanity as it is the only way to stay objective and project the possibilities that will confront us in the weeks, months and years to come.

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