Best periods to travel in South Africa

South Africa’s weather patterns vary in the different regions making it hard to say “this is the best time of year to visit”. The answers are specific to provinces. Overall, in Spring (from mid-September to November) and Autumn (from late February to April) are the most enjoyable times to visit our country. Please visit our¬†weather […]

What camera should I pack?

We have a photographer on staff, and if you ask him, he will answer that anything else then a full frame DSLR will not do. Honestly, travelling with a DSLR is not practical, and the kit may set you back far more than the holiday and break your back too. To help you chose which […]

Photography and the Law

We are not qualified in any form to give legal advice, bellow is from our research and could change without notice. For more information, seek a legal practitioner versed in the South African law. This article is for informational purposes only. South Africa is a beautiful country, and we are sure that you will want […]


As human beings, when we travel, we tend to overpack for every eventuality. This tendency results in heavy suitcases full of things we drag with us and most often don’t use. Save your back! Most South African cities have decent shopping malls where you could find forgotten items or those you decided to leave behind. […]


Being in the southern hemisphere, South Africa’s seasons are reversed from the likes of Europe and the United States. South Africa summer solstice is on 21 December, and thus the winter solstice is on 21 of June.¬† South Africa is situated in a tropical to a subtropical region with altitudes varying between sea level and […]

General preparations

Our team has prepared a list that would help you to prepare for your visit to our beautiful South Africa. We trust that this will make your trip more pleasant and hassle-free. Travel papers Your passport will be your means of identification throughout your trip. We recommend that it be valid for six months from […]