Purple Rain

The jacarandas in Johannesburg are a sight to see, the northern suburbs of the city turn purple with these majestic trees. This, from the end of October the first few weeks of November, is the season. We call it the purple rain season and you can see why. Interesting fact: The Jacaranda is not native […]

180 degrees of Cape Town

This is the last image (See what I just did? I called it an image, just for the purists!), from my Cape Town trip. This image stretches from Green Point on the left to Table Mountain on the right and the City of Cape Town in the middle, clearly seen is the table-cloth running down […]

Sunday at the train station

Sunrises and sunset alike are funny things, one day they will be the most beautiful thing on earth, the next plain as can be. On this day it was just a vaguely interesting sunrise behind a lot of clouds.