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Photographing wildlife

I could go into the equipment required to photograph wildlife and tell you you need the longest fastest lens you can get for your budget and the fastest frame rate and highest burst camera you can get. I reality thought these are both true it’s not the only thing you need…

Maybe think about the following:

  • Time, plan your trip in such a way that you have time. Longer days when the parks are opened longer, so you can stay walking or driving longer in them.
  • Patience, nature is funny, it will dish out what it will and you may go to the park with highest concentration of a species and not see one or worst see multiple and never being able to shoot one.
  • Enter a park with no preconceptions, as if you where going for a ride. It will avoid you a lot of frustrations and will allow you further creativity.
  • Look out, there might just be a something small in front of you.
  • Have food and beverages with you. You will not believe me but not having to think about food or beverages is a big help. You will be told that wildlife action is at it’s lowest at midday. I disagree, it can happen any time.
  • It’s raining I am not going out. You are there some of my best shots were in rain.
  • Look everywhere. Yes a good photograph may just but lucking in the restrooms.
Hole in the wall by Pascal Parent (PascalParent) on

  • Speaking of which go to every restroom you find, you never know when you will be able to go again.
  • Found an animal playing? Stay with it shoot it till you fill up your cards it worth it!
Unfair adventage by Pascal Parent (PascalParent) on
  • Have you though about the sunrise and sunset?
  • Have you thought about the grandiose majestic scene in front of you?
  • Buy a good map of the reserve.
  • Inform yourself about animal spotting areas in the last few days or get a local guide.
  • Get a good local wildlife book.
  • Try to have a GPS and keep a track log of where you have been, so you can geotag your photographs.

But mostly enjoy the discovery of the wanders out there.

As happy as ..... a hippo in water by Pascal Parent (PascalParent) on