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Parking Pay Station

Freaky Parking Pay Station

This photo was taken at “The Glen Shopping Centre”, my question is how do I pay the 6 Rand (close to $1) for the parking?

Unfortunately, in South Africa, you are often expected to pay for parking anywhere you go. This is to supposedly secure your vehicle and content, though I am unsure of that. The problem is that pay stations are either missing or not maintained, so you end up running around to either find one that works or going to the management office to be able to get out. I already find it a rip off as the shops pay a levy (often linked to their turnover) for this but to also make me loose time is the bitter pill on top. Unfortunately, the practice of payable parking at shopping malls has widely been adopted around the country so going to another shopping mall does not help.

Airport, Airlines and boredom

Here I am in the mother city, I have been here for work for 2 days now and returning home. Here is how my trip began…

Wednesday, I arrive at O.R.Tambo International Airport (a.k.a. Johannesburg International Airport) bright and early to avoid the morning traffic, both on the road and in the airport. I took 30 minutes to check in in the fast line, then a further 20 minutes to get to the boarding gate. All in all, I was lucky that I got to the airport early. The story unfortunately does not stop here… I got to the gate 5 minutes before it opened, only to find out that the flight was delayed by 15 to 20 minutes, no reason given. After 30 minutes, we were told that the flight was delayed indefinitively…  I stuck around, some 20 minutes after we were told of the further delay we finally boarded, only to wait another 30 minutes on the plane. Total delay 1 hour and 10 minutes, like I did not have other things to do.

On arrival at cape Town International Airport, I go to pick up my rental car, only to find it heavily scratched and no reports on the rental agreement, I wasted another 30 minutes at this… Got to my client and worked all day, that went relatively well, considering.  From there I left to my hotel, only to discover that it was along one of the national highway, the busiest of Cape Town.

View from my hotel room

During the night came past ambulances, police, racing cars, … And then the weather, the wind howling very loudly, it awoke me, followed by the noisiest rain I can remember in years. Needless to say I eventually woke up well un-rested and with a headache. I got to my client bright and early, 7:15 to be exact and today was a good day, I wish I could have more of those. Until…

View from the restaurent, no planes though

I got to Cape Town International Airport, dropped off my rental car without an itch, I was feeling good. Went to check min, no queue, no hassles, a perfect transition. And then… The check-in lady tells me, your fight has been delayed by an hour…

British Airways plane taking off, not mine obviously.

Well you should get your house in order. 

Edit Note: The delay on my return to Johannesburg was caused by a serious thunderstorm over the Gauteng region causing the authorities to close the airport for safety reasons.

The Gateway Show


I go to various shows around the year, I had not been to the Gateway Show in about 3 years, I found it rather uninteresting, this year I made an exception and decided to go.

In brief, the Gateway show to me is all about living the outdoors and some adventure, this year’s theme was hotels, hotels, hotels, hotels and let me not forget hotels.

Even though the usual suspects were there, I was rather disappointed, why is GO/WEG Magazine not  doing a show of their own, it might just turn out to be better.

Social Networks and I

I feel the need to clarify my stance towards Social Networks, I hate them, really I do. But in this day and age if you are not on Facebook, LinkedIn and something like Digg or Technocrati you are no one. I do believe in blogs and by the nature of it Twitter, neither are “blocked” to a subscription system of sorts, so to me it is far friendlier, I only login to Facebook and LinkedIn when I get a mail telling me there are messages.

So you may ask how are my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts so active, its bacause both of my accounts are linked to both my Blogs RSS, Twitter and Flickr accounts and that is my kung-fu.

I update Twitter with TweetDeck and my websites with Windows Live Writer, both are stable and now Tweedeck also pulls info from Facebook, check them out.

Unfortunately “Social Networks” are a necessary evil in my life, so I live with it.