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Photo of the day – Roundavels of the Limpopo

Roundavels of the Limpopo

Location: Muswodi, Limpopo Province, South Africa

The “hut” or as they are called here roundavel is a traditional house type in the region, however I was surprised at it’s evolution from 15 years ago. The traditional hut on the right is made of straw (grass) and mud usually mixed with cow dunk and as can be seen has small windows to shelter from elements. The one on the left is rather modern, I have even seen some with roof tiles and satellite dishes. What an evolution…

New feature “Photo of the day”

I am introducing a new feature as of tomorrow, the “Photo of the day”, these are photos from my collection that are relevant to South Africa and that are not necessarily taken on that day or the best that I have, it is rather about what I have seen in my travels.

The format will be title, photo, location and a (often really) short description of the subject mater.

I hope you will enjoy it.