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Entabeni Lake

I have been digging in my archives for photos worth publishing or re-publishing as it may from 2001 to today. Here is my first in many to come, I am going to try to revive my photo of the day feature, I hope you enjoy going down memory lane as much as I will.

This was taken in 2005 on Entabeni lake in the Entabeni Private Nature Reserve. I remember it well because a ranger told me a strange story that day.

An oriental, probably Chinese, tourist and I will be sharing tourist stories from all over the world, asked him if there was dolphins in the lake. The answer was rather surprising. He replied that the ”Lesser Limpopo Dolphin”, a fictious species, came to give birth to it’s young here every tow years, braving the Limpopo river and it’s many dangers such as crocodiles and some species of small sharks. I found it very amusing as this was obviously geographically impossible.

Entabeni Lake by Pascal Parent (PascalParent) on

Entabeni Lake by Pascal Parent

Camera: CANON EOS 300D
Lens: Canon EF-S 18-55 Kit lens

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