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Great photogenic places of South Africa – Part 1

Following my interview with Michelle Ashburner of South Africans You Should Meet, I got the idea of a series of posts on “South African Places You Should Go” having been around South Africa and found places that should be visited by all South Africans and tourist alike. Places of wonder,  light and inspiration that should not be missed. So for the next few weeks I will be sharing these with you. I will start with the “Great photogenic places of South Africa”, ideas and comments are welcomed. 

The one place that strikes me, the most in beauty and splendour is the Blyde Canyon in the Mpumalanga province. There is a wonder about standing on the edge of a canyon and felling the updraft from the plains below, walking along a chasm in the ground. Here you will see the 3 Roundavels, the Blydepoort Dam and beyond to the Kruger National Park. It just takes your breath away living you feel exhilarated and insignificant all at the same time.

The sight is unmistakable and beautiful. This is one place not to be missed whilst on you way to the Kruger National Park from Johannesburg.