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Movie Review: Eragon

Name:   Eragon
Classification: Fantasy, Adventure
Story: 5/10
Cinematography: 8/10
Acting: 7/10
Special Effects: 7/10
Overall: 6.5/10
Notable Quote: That’s the spirit – one part brave, three parts fool.

I think that a fantasy film can only be 1 of 2 things, horrible or brilliant. That was until I saw Eragon, it’s a weird combination of both.
It fails on delivering a good unpredictable story and the acting, though not bad, is not great either. However the cinematography is breathtaking.
I think it does not really fail, I think we have been spoiled with "The lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter". The movie does have its moments and it makes for a good night out.

We will see if the second one delivers a better performance, yes it is a trilogy.

Outlook 2007 Calendar updates (Saints, Official Public Holidays for South Africa and Moon phases)

Update 9th of January 2009: If you are intrested for the 2009 update please go to where you will find all the calendars, including Saints, Lunar phases, F1 Grand Prix , Moto Grand Prix and WRC as they become available.

Well it’s Chrismas and I could not leave without leaving some gift behind so here it is a couple of files…

How to import into Outlook:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook, select File > Import and Export
  2. In the “Import and Export Wizard” select “Import from another program or file”, click next.
  3. In the  “Import a file” select “Tab Separated Values (Windows)”, click next.
  4. Next select the file you wish to import using browse, my advice is to select “Replace duplicate with items imported” in the “Options”, click next.
  5. Select Calendar as the destination folder, click next.
  6. Click on “Map Custom Fields …” and click on “Default Map”, click on “OK”, click on “Finish”. |
    This will complete the import.


Quote of the Day:
Start every day off with a smile and get it over with.
–W. C. Fields

The Peugeot experience, so far.

A recap:

On a fine day of December 2003, in a fit of rage with Renault South Africa, I traded my Clio II for a new Peugeot.

And I have, thus far, never looked back…

The car, a Peugeot 206 SW 2.0 HDI, a 66 KW, 206 N/m, 2 liter, turbo diesel. So what makes it different?
Seriously, everything. The car’s specifications may not look great, but when I tell you I have achieved a 4l/100km average consumption with the climate control on? And more than once… And the average in town consumption is a cool 5.5l/100km with the climate control on all the time?

So what, if it is fuel efficient, it’s also a diesel tractor… And I heard this more than once. It’s far from a tractor, though I must admit that hooking up a trailer and going away is as pleasant a drive as not having the trailer. If I could not see it in the rear view mirror chance are I would forget I am towing. Yes the car has that much power…

It is a station wagon, I bough it to tow my trailer and carry my dogs. As well as travel the country and go to work. It fairs well in all of these tasks and one more, it’s a go anywhere anytime vehicle. And it looks good. The comfort is very good for a "small" car, it is a 206 after all, with features like climate control, sports seats, Radio/CD this remote on steering well, ABS, Airbags, electric windows all around and in my case fully retractable sunroof. Who can complain?

Well 67000 km’s on the clock and I have had no issues with the car or service from Peugeot, more then I can say for my Renault Clio II.

What does it lack? I can think of 2 issues:

  1. Cruise control !!!!
  2. An adaptor for my iPod !

What could Peugeot done to improve the car? I think an intercooler on the turbo and a better rear suspension (it’s too soft).

What’s out of the ordinary with the car? That boot, the tailgate window can be opened separately to the tailgate. This is usually only found in much more expensive cars. Not to forget the power point in the huge boot (huge for the vehicle class).

What’s odd about it? The fact that it’s branded Quicksilver, yep the surf board guys…

Where has it been? Cape town twice (3000 Km + trip), Kruger National Park (2000 Km + trip), Garden Route (5000 Km + Trip with a trailer), The Waterburg (1000 Km + Trip) and more to come…

Windows Live Writer

Microsoft taking blogging seriously? No I mean "seriously"!

Well if Windows Live Writer is not serious enough then I do not know what is. Mind you Microsoft has always asked their in house developers and product manager to blog regularly. With Windows Live Spaces (and MSN Spaces) Microsoft is just enhancing the need to communicate. And with the arrival of Windows Live Writer proving how serious and committed they are.

You can find Windows Live Writer here:


Now I use Community Server  as my blogging engine, for the past while I have been using BlogMailr for my posts (and will carry on using it), but what about a desktop application? That is where Windows Live Writer comes in, it supports a variety of blogs, not just Windows Live Spaces. And has a few nice plugins and you can write one too.

This is the second blog I do using it and it feels good to be able to hit <ctrl-s> on a regular basis.

Give it a try!