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About the author

 The blog’s author Pascal Parent is an eccentric if not insane web developer and architect, he has been in the software industry since 1992. He was also a tourist guide in South Africa in a previous life. He is better known for his passion for photography you can see his photos on Flickr.

He worked for one of the largest ISP in South Africa for over 10 years, MWEB, as a Developer, Web Application and Enterprise Architect on Microsoft Platforms in various development division based in Johannesburg where his involvement in the company far exceeded his title. In June 2010, he joined Realyst Contract Management and in November of 2011 was recruited by the Media 24 group as a senior developer.

Outside of his obvious passion for photography, he also has interests in Robotics (Mindstorms) and related programming as well as cooking in his better moments. You can also find him on LinkedIn , Facebook and Twitter.

Note from the author:

Photography is a passion and I am in no ways a professional rather an amateur at best, however I am dedicated to share my passion on this site with whom ever wants to listen. Enjoy the photographs, the (not) how-to’s, the rambling and the occasional news and reviews.

Pascal Parent