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Living with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III–Part 3


Learning to use a new camera is a bit like learning to drive a bike, the more professional the camera gets the more likely the accident… And I have just stepped in the super bike arena.

First I want to talk about what is missing on the camera and it bugs me, I am missing an infrared trigger for my flash!!! The 600D, 60D, 7D all have why not the 5D Mk III? Just the wireless IR part would do, thanks.

Here is what has changed and really get’s to me:

  • The focus option button has moved to the <Fn> Key and been removed from the Q screen, why???
  • The zoom buttons are history and replaced by a single button on the left of the screen, all previous cameras where the same including the MKII!
  • Moved the Q button to a new location, this one actually makes sense but I keep looking for it in the wrong place

The good news is that the rest of it is very 7D like on the ergonomics side of things, even the weight. There are some positive changes too.

  • The mode dial lock, on the 7D I kept on finding it changed, weird I know but no more.
  • The rate button, I use it to protect photographs to send via the Eye-fi.
  • The Multi-Controller on the grip, this is really useful to select focus points.
  • The ISO button now has a dot on it, just feel your way around and you will find it, which in turns allows you to find the others in relation to it.

But by far my favourite new feature is the dual card slot with the ability to take an SD card and better yet an Eye-Fi card.

Pascal Parent

Pascal's day job is as a technologist but you can mostly find him behind a camera after hours. As a passionate photographer he regularly shares his experiences with the world. From how-to to reviews you will find it all in his regularly updated blog and other places.


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