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Living with the CANON EOS 5D MkIII – Part 1

After a long wait, that seemed to last forever, and a trip to KwaZulu-Natal with a CANON EOS 5D MkII, an experience I will blog about in weeks to come, I finally received the infamous CANON EOS 5D MkIII.

You can read about my first impressions based on the BETA version here. This production version is a different beast though, it is just better. It continuously continues to surprise and baffle me with it’s prowess to perform in any conditions I through at it.

The most surprising of the lot are it’s ability to level out night and day for a handheld shot…
It ability to give a good result at ISO12800 with reasonably controlled noise allowing you to shoot scenes, like the one bellow, handheld is just near unbelievable.

Table Mountain By The Fountain

Click to see a larger version on Flickr

Truthfully, I would not do this every day but having the ability to do it should the need arise is most probably the most surprising plus of the CANON EOS 5D MkIII.

Pascal Parent

Pascal's day job is as a technologist but you can mostly find him behind a camera after hours. As a passionate photographer he regularly shares his experiences with the world. From how-to to reviews you will find it all in his regularly updated blog and other places.

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