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Into the forest

Traveling South Africa is an adventure all of it’s own, our landscape are varied from the flats of the Cape to the mountains of the Drakensburg. But there seemingly is one constant, you are in Southern Africa, call it a dryness in the land. One thing that I never associated with South Africa was a lush canopy forest and yet Serenity forest is exactly that. A cool canopy forest where sunlight is rare and the air is filled with the forest smell. I was there for a short night and will return one day to have a walk in forest.

This photo was shot in the Serenity Forest Eco Reserve in 1995.

Into the forest by Pascal Parent on

Into the forest by Pascal Parent

Camera: CANON EOS 300D
Lens: Sigma 170-500 F5-6.3 APO DG

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Pascal Parent

Pascal's day job is as a technologist but you can mostly find him behind a camera after hours. As a passionate photographer he regularly shares his experiences with the world. From how-to to reviews you will find it all in his regularly updated blog and other places.

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