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iOS 5 first impressions


Last night the long awaited iOS 5 was released to the public and as such I immediately upgraded my iPad. The upgrade process was rather smooth. First it flashes the firmware and then proceeds to restore the device, I highly recommend to use the machine that is usually used to sync  the device. I did not and I ended up with a “appless” device. I connected it to the machine it was registered with a little later and it proceeded to reinstall all my apps. Once that process is completed you can disconnect the device, it will proceed to register itself on iCloud through a straight forward wizard.

First impressions are positive, though I already had some disappointments, no “Personal Hotspot” on the iPad Wi-Fi/3G, I am still baffled as it is available on the iPhone.  Also, I was under the impression that I would be able to send SMS’s on my iPad frm “Messages”. it does not appear to be the case either.

It’s only been a few hours, I will report on iOS 5 and iCloud in more details once I have used it for a few days on both the iPhone and iPad.

[Added latter in the day]

The upgrade to my iPhone 4 was very slow but very smooth, after the download it does a backup, the upgrade, a restore, a app restore finally followed by a music and video restore. After the restore the phone asks for activation. I feel far better.

Pascal Parent

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