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Using the iPad, the good and the irritating

iPad 2

It been a few months now and both my wife and I now own an iPad, my wife mostly uses it for emails, reading books, cooking recipes, browsing the net and watching videos. I, however, have far more uses for it.

It became an inseparable companion on which I rely for business, learning, writing, reading and sharing blogs and some times entertainment and it’s all good. All things being equal, it also has some irritations, missing functionality I would like to see. Here is a breakdown of both.

Things I really like:

  • The spell checker works everywhere, it actually becomes an irritation at times but mostly it is a good thing, I am a terrible speller, I just wish it did some grammar too.
  • Makes a great video camera with 720 HD video too.
  • Fair quality meeting scenario recordings.
  • Fantastic notepad, Evernote makes it even easier.
  • Light and portable
  • Fantastic screen
  • Long battery life
  • Full Skype support including Video, though only recently.
  • Awesome mail application, just needs more text editing functions such as coloured text for commenting.
  • Always connected feel.
  • Camera connection kit

Things that irritate me:

  • I cannot share my internet connection with my laptop, my iPhone does it with the same hardware and software.
  • Unstable 3G and WiFi at times.
  • Developers of new apps a little slow, no Google + integration and lack of apps dedicated to the iPad, most iPhone apps work but look silly.
  • iPhone apps works but not all of them, Whatsapp being one, what’s up with that? I have a 3G card, I should be able to SMS too.
  • Without a screen guard the screen really gets dirty quick.
  • I cannot just network it and grab files from my PC or Mac and vice versa, it has to be wired and all file transfer are done with the dreaded iTunes.
  • Limited Bluetooth functionality.
  • I would love to see full Tomtom or Garmin support on the iPad, not the iPhone app but a fully fledged iPad app.
  • No dedicated microphone jack.
  • No memory card support, SD card would be nice to increase capacity.
  • And what about the country localized app store? Is this not an open world, enough already.

And there you have it, a brilliant devise with some quirks, if you can live with them all the better.

I am hoping that iOS 5 and the new apps built on top of it will step up to my expectations.

Disclaimer: This applies to the iPad 2 with iOS up to version 4.3.5

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[2011/09/23 – Added iPad photo, cleaned up text]

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