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Canon Camera as seen by a LensBaby

Odd title I know, it just that it’s been a hard, very hard, 2 weeks. I have had no time to even open my camera bag, let alone shoot with the LensBaby. So forgive me for not posting some photographs, how-to’s or experiences. Tomorrow is another day, maybe I will find some time, I can only hope. Maybe I’ll even find some inspiration… I saw a rainbow today and went “awesome” and carried on walking, that is bad, very bad.


Lensbaby Composer

I recently acquired a Lensbaby Composer and part of the Optic Swap System. I can tell you this it’s a challenge but more importantly a whole lot of fun. Lensbaby calls it Artistic Distortion, I call it purposeful image degradation much like Lomography only better because it’s digital. Call it what ever you want, it’s going to keep me busy for a while so expect a few post about it in the coming weeks.

For more information on Lensbaby click here.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Lensbaby whatsoever.

Photo and Film Expo 2010



This year the “Photo and Film Expo” was something of a spectacle when compared to last year. All the big camera and lens manufactures were present, that in itself is a large step forward in the right direction. There was various demonstrations and talks around the show floor, none of which I had the time to attend unfortunately, bad planning on my part.

A welcome sight was that Canon was present this year, their stand was a little cramped though. I had the opportunity, however brief to have a look at the Canon EOS 60D. In short, I will need more time with it, but it does feel solid enough and very 7Dish. As per last year, Nikon had an obvious presence with a “stand” at least twice that of Canon, in fact that applies to Sony as well. Never the less they were present, hopefully they will take the show more seriously next year.


This year was also crowded with various smaller or niche manufactures which was a welcomed sight too, from Lensbaby to Hasselblad and even Sigma and Thinktank they where there and they could be bought.


In short, the show has vastly improved, let us hope that it’s a trend that will continue.