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Day 2 – Blyde River Canyon (Highveld and Lowveld)

Woke up at the ridiculous time of 5:00 a.m. to catch the sunrise on the canyon, it was a cold and rewarding experience.

We spend most of the morning around the Highveld part of the canyon, the 3 Roundavels came first then moved on to the Lowveld View point to continue onto Wonder view and Gods Window. At lunch, we ate a the reputed Harry’s Pancake where I had a delicious and filling beef mince and cheese pancake, I would recommend it to anyone, if only for the greeting and service.

We, then, headed back to the canyon and proceeded to tackle Abel Erasmus Pass, possibly one of the most twisty pass I know in South Africa, also a wonderful visual experience, the cliffs and sceneries are all worth the concentration on the road.

We ended up at Swadini dam, my first time down here. the views are as impressive at the bottom as they are from the top. The dam was no eye sore either, it’s not as impressive as in an unequalled setting.

Blyde River Canyon
Blyde River Canyon

God's Window

Swadini Dam

Some useless statistics of the day:

  • Distance travelled: 226km
  • Maximum temperature: 18 degrees Celsius
  • Weather conditions: 50% cloud cover, no rain.
  • Photos taken: 527

Uploaded some photos to Flickr

PS.: No 3G since yesterday the uploads are painfully slow [GPRS] at a cool 3.5kb/sec.

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