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Day 8: Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park [Mata Mata Restcamp – Twee Riviren Restcamp]

The day I found out that the Giraffes comes in plantations and that there are some serious predators in the park…

The giraffe is, after all, a truly amazing animal. But also a truly adaptable one. It, as seen bellow, also grows in trees.

I also found out that Ground Squirrels, common in the park, hate each other… I found that rather strange since they are generally vegetarian.

We also stumbled across the King of the jungle, I don’t know what this lioness had to drink but it must of been good…
Or maybe it was something else…

More photos are available here.

Pascal Parent

Pascal's day job is as a technologist but you can mostly find him behind a camera after hours. As a passionate photographer he regularly shares his experiences with the world. From how-to to reviews you will find it all in his regularly updated blog and other places.

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