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Day 6: Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park [Twee Riviren Restcamp to Nosob Restcamp]

We were lucky that there where some cancellations at Nossob Restcamp. You must understand the Kgalagadi was the "highlight" of my trip, photo hunting grounds of the mystic Kgalagadi that I had heard of for so many years. I was finally there! And was not to be disappointed at all… Like all reserves, I go in knowing that nature will decide what to dish me out in it’s own time and place. It’s really like going on a stroll around hoping to see something but expecting nothing. But within an hour I would be satisfied with what mother nature dished me out. A mindful Black Backed Jackal was over looking a (Pale Chanting?) Goshawk. An unusual sight to say the least… But why?

We decided that this was as good as any other place to take a rest, and so we began to observe this unusual behavior for both animals. The explanation never came but I can only assume that what followed had something to do with it… I apologize for the quality of the image but I had to digitally enhance it, something I do not do often (unlike cropping) but I was stuck with a 200mm zoom.

You can see the head of a Ratel (Honey badger) sticking out on the bottom left, it was the first time I saw one of these elusive animals. And what a sight it was… We watched him digging his den for a while. I must say I missed my 500mm Zoom just then…


And we were to be spoiled a little more… look at this galloping Red Hartebeest… I swear I was watching a show horse trot…

More photos are available here.

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