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Day 1: Johannesburg – Kimberley (472km)

Don’t take me wrong, but an 11 day camping trip in one of the most arid and isolated place in South Africa takes some planing. And sometimes, I mess it up. That’s what happened to the day of departure. I have now learned not to leave on a trip on a Sunday. The pharmacy only opens at 9 in the morning, meaning that we left a whole 3 hours late. Yep I needed a prescription.

The funny part of this trip is the fact that I actually saw 1 of the 2 big fives of my entire trip. We saw a "few" rhinoceroses, as well as giraffes and kudus.

The N12 to Kimberley is in good condition and a pleasure to drive on, with a few exceptions. Up to Potchefstroom the 120km/h limit of the National Highways is in force, but once you reach Potchefstroom that all changes, the "National Highway" is now going through the centre of town, well close enough. And it does it for a number of other towns like Klerksdorp, Wolmaransstad, Bloemhof, Christiana and Warrenton. look it’s not a big deal, but these are supposed to be "National Highways". At least the N12 has none of the dreaded tollgates the our government has become so found of.

All in all it was a pleasant 6 hour drive to Kimberley.

We arrived at the "Kimberley Caravan Park", I entered it, saw what was there and exited faster. I other words, do not go there!!!

We ended up camping at the "Kimberley Big Hole Caravan Park". It’s the municipal camping ground, save for the lack of soap and paper towels, the grounds are beyond reproach, also situated at a convenient 500 meters from the "Big Hole" entrance, in fact nearly dead centre of town. See photo below.

Kimberley Caravan Park 180° View

We were also treated to an amazing sunset.

We were lucky that the rain missed us completely on that day.

More photos are available here.

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